Who is the American Woman Now?

She is ambitious. She is outspoken. She is unbreakable.
She believes in her own power and is determined to be herself. She is defined by no one. She is afraid. She does it anyway.
She never underestimates her influence in the world. And the clothes never outshine her.

Who is GEMMA?

After graduating with a Masters in Science in Global Fashion Enterprise in 2016 and traveling to places like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Beijing to study the global supply chain of fashion ecosystems, she returned to Philadelphia to create a brand on the basis of one thing: Every body is art and every woman deserves that reminder.

She is tireless, she is proud, she brought to you Girls Who Like Art and is back, bolder than ever for SS19 East Coast Cowgirl.

Structure meets style.

We offer an array of swimwear styles, from triple lining to none. Tops and bottoms sold separately to accommodate all of varieties and luscious curves.  


Tired of going to the pool or beach and seeing other women in the same exact swimsuit as you?  The GEMMA Label is here to help. We provide unique swimsuits with one of a kind prints meant to accentuate your favorite parts of you. 

We believe that every body is art and every woman deserves that reminder. If you have any questions about our swimwear or would like to collaborate, please contact: